Melanie Togo

Lead Makeup Artist / Salon Coordinator

Melanie Togo is an accomplished makeup artist with 13 years of experience. At an early age, Melanie developed a love for art, specifically painting. She adored creating emotion from a blank canvas and was intrigued by the freedom of endless possibilities that derived inside each tube of paint. While Melanie continues to create on canvas, she soon found another love; the empowerment in makeup and the beauty of empowering others. Melanie received the top makeup education from Make Up Designory (M.U.D) in Burbank, Ca in 2005. 

Early in her career, Melanie furthered her experience and education as a MAC Artist (2005 - 2008). Her involvement in various projects as lead makeup artist catapulted her career as a professional makeup artist specializing in photography, eCom, print, runway, red carpet, beauty, film, television, and special FX (light prosthetics). Melanie is currently the key makeup artist at Salon Lavish in Covina, California, an educator for Poise Makeup Professional, as well as a practicing freelance artist. Melanie currently resides in Los Angeles, California.